Fun and engaging ways to paint Christmas ball ornaments this holiday season

Festive and holiday decorations are fun, aren’t they? And what better than Christmas ball ornaments, DIYed with your favorite colors! The traditional gold, silver, green, and red might not be your jam. So here we are to your rescue. We present you a DIY project of painting your own Christmas ball ornaments this festive season with your kids and family. There is nothing better than engaging in decorating your home for the festivals and the holiday, your way!

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Let’s first get started with the materials.

1. Plastic or glass ball ornaments.

2. Acrylic paints, specifically for plastic and glass, whatever you are choosing (a combination of matte, glitter, and metallic would help bring variety, but it all depends on you)

3. Rubbing alcohol to clean the ornaments.

4. Ribbon for hanging your ornaments.

5. Paper towel or old newspapers, and cups to hold the painted ornaments and to not let the color flow out and around.

6. Stencil, optional.

7. Clear Krylon for sealing the ornaments, but optional.

8. Pom pom, stickers, etc. for decorations, optional.

9. Paint Brushes and sponge, optional.

10. Marbling medium for a marble effect on the ball ornaments, but completely optional.

11. Squeeze bottles for easy pouring of colors and also mixing various colors easily, but again optional.

Now let’s begin the process.

1. Remove the top of the ornaments. Clean your ornaments with the rubbing alcohol from both inside and outside and let them dry completely. This helps in even sticking to the colors.

Start with the inside of the ornaments first!

2. You can choose to either pour the color directly from the paint bottle or put some into the squeeze bottle first and then pour inside the ornament. But first, pour in one direction. Swirl and turn around and then some in the opposite direction. This way, the color will get distributed evenly.

Note: Too much color can lead to longer drying time, paint running out and colors bleeding together. So avoid too much paint application!

3. Let it dry upside down in the cup for 24-48 hours.

Now for the outside, follow the same technique as above, and you are done!

If you want to go for a marbled effect, then you can do one of the below:

1. Either go for marbling medium and acrylic paints together and pour directly

2. Or go just for multiple acrylic paints mixed together lightly and pour inside the ornaments. You can choose to mix first in the squeeze bottle, but not too much of mixing, just a little swirl. Or pour different colors one by one inside the ornaments and then swirl!

3. There are multiple spray paints also available that you can use to give a marble-like feel to the Christmas ball ornaments.

As for the glitter paint, you can simply use a paint brush or sponge for a shimmery effect both inside and outside!

Note: You can choose to dip the ornament in a container having multiple colors mixed and then taking it out to dry. It also lets the excessive color drip, for that clean and neat marble effect.

If you want some patterns on the balls, then stick some tape out on the surface, then pour some color or spray or paint with brushes or even dip in diluted acrylic paint, and let it dry. After it is completely dried up, remove the tape carefully! And voila, you got some patterns going on.

Note: You can choose to spray the clear Krylon on the painted ornaments at the end to preserve the outside. You surely don’t want to see the paint chipping off or the stickers peeling off the surface!

For decoration:

1. You can choose to stick some pom poms outside with glue. Or you can even stuff the ball ornament with pom poms.

2. Choose your choice of stickers for decorating the outside as per your choice or for some design!

3. If you want to paint some character, alphabet, number, or anything, use a stencil.

For hanging the Christmas ball ornaments:

After the paint has all dried up, from both inside and outside, tie a beautiful ribbon around and hang it on your Christmas tree or anywhere in and around the house!

You can even choose to decorate the Christmas ball ornaments with ribbon outside the ornament's surface by gluing outside in the desired pattern. Zigzag, horizontally, vertically, and many more ways are there to work around with a ribbon.

Handy painting tips:

1. It is always advisable to spread a paper towel or some old newspapers before starting the DIY painting project to not spill color on the floor. Also, wear old clothes which you don’t mind ruining.

2. Be patient while indulging in the activity. Running around in a hurry will only create a mess.

3. When using spray paint, don’t forget to shake the can thoroughly and read instructions before application.

4. Try to use new paints and not the ones lying around on the shelves for too long. They might not stick to the surface neatly and might also look dull!

These Christmas decorations come in really handy as they’re pretty inexpensive, make up for a creative activity, and a great pass-time activity for your kids as well!

Here we come to an end! Hope that you loved reading these DIY tips and project details to implement yourself. Don’t forget to share with us your outcomes.

But if you think that it’s too much work to do, then get yourself some beautiful, mesmerizing, and eye-appealing Christmas ball ornaments from here.

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