Get Started With Quaint Mini Christmas Trees for Festive Holiday Decor

Amongst all the Christmas trees that you can get your hands on, mini Christmas trees are perfect for that cute little addition throughout the entire area. Whether it’s the kitchen tabletop or bedside table, your working desk, or even bathroom, mini Christmas trees perk up any spot instantly.


So hoard yourself with the best holiday season supplies from All Things Christmas And More with their vast collection of mini Christmas trees.


But before that, do your homework on the various types of mini Christmas trees with our cumulative guide below:


1. Fir trees


Being one of the more than 45 species of evergreen trees, fir trees are one of the most popular choices for Christmas trees. They keep their leaves throughout the year, due to which every household prefers one such tree. The various types of fir trees such as Noble, Douglas, Balsam, and Fraser to add to the many other types of fir trees have their own distinct characteristics and features.


While a noble fir tree has a strong fragrance, Balsam fir tree is perfect to fit at a tight corner. And while Douglas trees have a great pyramid shape with seasonal smell, Fraser fir trees have light tones at their needles, giving a contrasting color effect!


2. Colorado blue spruce


This wintry-specific tree has sharp needles with stiff branches, giving it a structure mostly loved by families during the festive season decoration purchase. But the highlight of the tree lies in its blue/silvery appearance, making it perfect for winter season pomp!


3. Cypress Christmas trees


These are not mini Christmas trees, instead pretty statement-making and enormous trees that can grow up to as tall as 70 feet. While the Arizona Cypress tree has a sizable cone-shaped structure, Leyland Cypress trees have feathery leaves.


4. Black hills spruce tree


This yet again compact and mini Christmas tree is perfect for those small nooks and corners where space is an issue. It also has strong branches, so pretty ideal to hang those adorable sturdy decorations as well!


5. Cedar trees


Again, most commonly seen across the lanes of parks and roads, cedar trees are still again one-of-a-kind Christmas trees you might be looking for this season. Branches of a red cedar tree form a pyramid-like shape, all thanks to its dense structure. The leaves jet upwards and are dark and shiny green in color. Even though they’re slow-growing, they can grow up to a height of 40 feet.


6. Gold wall mounted LED Christmas tree


If going with a traditional green tree is not your thing, and you want to spruce up your holiday decorations while still utilizing the small space to its optimum use, then a wall-mounted tree should be your go-to choice. This gold wall-mounted tree with LED lights is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s available in both 2 and 5 feet sizes at All Things Christmas And More. Start shopping before it goes out of stock!


7. Forest Father Christmas standing with a tree


Do you want a hint of nature more than just from a tree? If yes, then this Father Christmas holding a Christmas tree and the Christmas star, decorated with wooden pieces is a perfect addition to any household, office, or even a cabin area.


8. Pine trees


Have you seen or drawn Christmas trees during your childhood days? If yes, then you must have drawn pine trees because their unique, distinct, and classic shape coupled with the vibrant green color is what makes them one of the top-most choices for a typical tree decoration at any household.


While the white pine tree has light blueish green needles with a mild fragrance, the scotch pine tree has strong branches and dark green color. Lastly, the Virginia pine has short twisted needles making it easy to identify and distinguish from the rest of the range.


Note: Branches of a white pine tree are not as strong as you might expect them to be, so you can’t hang too heavy ornaments on the branches.


9. Snowflake tree with LEDs


Yet again a stout tree for a minimalist but outstanding decoration, a snowflake tree has its branches and trunk in a solid black or brown color and snowflake designed leaves for a distinguishing appeal.


Get your hands on one from here.


But whatever tree you finalize for the decorations, what matters is how you take care of the tree and what ornaments/decorations you put up on the tree. While many fake trees do come with pre-decorations, real trees always need to be trimmed before their shape is not appealing and eventually decorated with ornaments.


Some tips to keep your trees evergreen:


1. In the case of a real tree, place it immediately in a pot and fill it with water. Check for moisture daily so that it doesn’t dry out.


2. One trick that you can adopt to make the tree turn bigger and grow even after the holiday season ends is to keep it in the garage or inside the home so the tree adapts to the cool weather outside during the time it’s inside.


3. As for a fake tree, you can always go for the ones that can be assembled by oneself, instead of buying a fully assembled one as it makes its storage easy. But pre-assembled do not need any brainstorming or work.


Note: Go for mini Christmas trees if you can’t keep up with the long leaves and needles. They not only look clean and sophisticated but are also low on maintenance.


So you see, there is a widespread of mini Christmas trees to choose from, even life-sized, medium, and large Christmas trees. Visit here to view holiday season decorations in various sizes, colors and lit with LED lights. You’ll be spoilt for choices.


Happy holiday season!

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