Guide to Halloween Trees

Who says that Christmas is the only holiday where you get to have a special tree? Since Christmas trees are so fun, it only makes sense to have a decorated tree for other occasions too. Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays to decorate for, and a Halloween tree can be spooky, sparkly, or anything in between.

You're only limited by your imagination if you want to create a Halloween tree. And there's plenty of inspiration available even if you're not the most imaginative person! This guide will let you know all about Halloween trees and how you can make one that's sure to impress. Get into the spirit of the spooky season with these Halloween tree ideas.

The Tree: Purchase or DIY?

To create an awesome Halloween tree, you first need to turn your attention to the tree itself. You could buy a Halloween tree, or you could try to make one yourself. There are great reasons to pick either of these options as the basis for an eye-catching Halloween tree.

If you decide to make a tree, finding some branches and putting them together is an easy way to do it. You can tape together the branches, then paint your tree any color that you like. Of course, you have to be able to find some suitable branches to do this! They need to be dry and the right size. Plus, you need to have the time and space to put your Halloween tree together.

For an easier option, you can buy a Halloween tree. Our Halloween trees at All Things Christmas and More give you a great range of choices. We have Halloween trees with LED lights, which can become a part of a bigger Halloween display. Whether you install a tree indoors or outdoors, it will look amazing, lighting up your home or business. We have trees available for different budgets and different space requirements too. From compact two-foot trees to sprawling weeping willow trees, there's something for everyone in our collection.

Decorating Your Halloween Tree

Your tree might already have LED lights on it, but that's only a starting point for your Halloween decoration. Once you have your tree, you can decorate it just like a Christmas tree - but with some decidedly spookier decorations! You can find lots of Halloween decorations here, with different colors, shapes, and designs available. Handy wires make it easy to hang ornaments on your Halloween tree, and our orange, purple and black ornaments give you the perfect Halloween color scheme. Choose from small 2.5" balls or larger ornaments as big as 53" tall.

Of course, our Halloween ornaments can also be used to create other Halloween displays. You don't have to be limited to decorating your tree, but you can make the tree the centerpiece of the display that you create.

Ideas for Halloween Tree Decoration

There are lots of ways to decorate a Halloween tree and turn it into an eye-catching, spooktacular display. For some decoration ideas, take a look at the suggestions below, and you can create your own spooky tree.

  • Get the right colors

The right color scheme might be your first step when you're choosing how to decorate your Halloween tree. You could go with some traditional Halloween colors, but you can equally decide on some slightly more out-there choices. Black and orange have long been very traditional Halloween colors. They invoke thoughts of harvest, fall, and dark nights. In more recent times, colors like purple and green have also become associated with Halloween. Purple is seen as representing mysticism, while green can make you think of anything from witches to ghostly ectoplasm.

If you don't want to go the traditional route, there are plenty of other color schemes to use for your Halloween tree. What you probably don't want to do is choose anything that's too close to Christmas colors, or it might end up looking like a Christmas tree. But you don't have to be limited on the colors that you choose. A classy silver or white could be an option, or you might go for an outlandish pink or neon color. Halloween is all about getting to experiment with fun imagery, so you can choose colors that you love.

  • Make your own ornaments

As well as buying ornaments for your Halloween tree, it can be a lot of fun to make them. You can make quick and easy ornaments and decorations, or you could find some slightly more difficult and involved projects.

You can make your own ornaments out of all sorts of materials. Try collecting items like pine cones that you can paint or decorate in your own way. Paper decorations are easy to make too, or you might have some materials that you can recycle, such as cardboard or plastic bottles. To get a little more advanced, a hot glue gun or some basic sewing skills could open up your possibilities even more.

With a glue gun, you can stick just about anything together. You could make stuffed fabric ornaments, which you can also make if you have a needle and thread or a sewing machine. A set of paints will also allow you to transform just about anything into some funky Halloween decorations.

But what should you put on your ornaments and decorations? There are endless possibilities, and you can think about what you love best about Halloween. Maybe you will make some pumpkins or some black cats and broomsticks. You could make your Halloween tree an homage to your favorite Halloween movie, whether it's something scary or a more light-hearted one like Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you've never had a Halloween tree before, this year could be the year that it makes your home feel spookier than ever. You can have so much fun with our Halloween trees, so check out our selection of trees and ornaments that you can use every year to get into the Halloween spirit.



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