Garland: How Long Does It Last

Our houses are hugely adorned using garlands during the Christmas season. Initially used for cultural activities, now they are used for brightening the home with their colorful flowers and freshening the air with their scents. 

Many people buying garland witness them getting perished soon due to wilting or decay. So in this article, we'll tell you how you can keep them alive and fresh for a long time.

But first, let’s know what these garlands actually are. So let's dive right in!

What are Garlands?

The garlands are basically decorative wreaths of plaited flowers or leaves which help in filling out a lot of space with delightful greenery. Garlands also serve as a platform for placing lights and other ornaments. These can be even worn around the neck or on the head.

  • These are the best thing through which you can decorate your home for Christmas. You can hang them on the walls or across the fireplace, thread them through the handrails on the side of the staircase, place them at the door and even wrap them around your Christmas tree.
  • Due to their cultural and religious importance, these are widely used at the time of Christmas. Garlands provide beauty without hassle and that’s why these are highly preferred by discerning house owners for decoration purposes.

But you may be wondering, ‘Why exactly do we use these or what’s their history and significance?’ So let’s know more about the garlands and their history.

History of Garlands and why do we use these at Christmas?

  • Back in the time when Christianity wasn’t a dominant religion in the Europe, many civilizations used to celebrate the winter solstice. 
  • Winter solstice (shortest day of the year) was a significant event for the people around the continent. People used to decorate their homes with greenery in order to remind themselves of the cyclic nature of the seasons.
  • This tradition of using garlands was then brought into the present day US by the families who wanted to add some extra money by selling these around the holidays. 

Garlands bring festive cheer to the home and are also full of Christmas symbolism. The circular shape of the traditional garlands represents the eternal love of the Lord Jesus. The shrubs or woods used for weaving garlands together represent the thorn crown that Jesus wore at the time of the crucifixion.

Now that you know, why these garlands are used for decorations, you may be questioning, ‘What are the ways I can use these garlands?’

So in the following section, we’ve provided you some of the best Christmas garland decorating ideas that will help you add some greenery to your home.

Best Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas


Candles are used in decorating the Christmas tree as well as rooms of the house. Make your candle holder look craftier by wrapping your candles in garland topped with pinecones. This combination will give off your home a warm and inviting odour.


Attach all kinds of ornaments, tinsels, lightings and decorative materials that match your Christmas tree with a garland.


Set up a Christmas themed dining table with a simple garland running down the centre. Have a drink or two with your guests or relatives, talk while having desert. This tablescaping will provide an extra-festive ambience.


Hang a berry-filled garland around your front door. This decor feels earthy with a fun pop of colour and shows your guests that you’re in the holiday spirit. This is an easy and few minutes work as you can hang the garlands without the use of nails or hardware.


If you want to change your home into a winter wonderland, cover every inch of table surface with colourful garlands. Leave no tables untouched. Any colour will work as these are so festive and vibrant.


Transform your normal looking house banister into a beautiful holiday staircase. You can also use eucalyptus, wheat stalks, small flickers of gold and other natural elements along with the garlands to give these a fresh feel.

We suggest you 9’ Pine Blended Candy Collection Garland Pre-Lit with Warm White LEDs as these are the best garland for serving this purpose. They are artfully crafted for the utmost realism and their 5 mm conical warm light creates an eye catching appeal.

Garlands help in embellishing the home with their evergreen branches and freshening up the environment with their piny fragrance. But keeping these garlands fresh and vibrant for long is a difficult task.

Even with proper care, fresh indoor garlands won’t last two weeks, whereas outdoor garlands last more than two weeks due to colder climate and the availability of moisture. But there are various tricks and methods that will help your garlands live much longer than expected.

Best way to keep your garland last long

  • Buy garland as fresh as possible. Its longevity depends much on its freshness. Short-needled pines seem very attractive but they don’t last long. In case you want something that lives for more than two weeks, go for long-needled pines. If you find your ideal garland, ask the retailer how long it has been cut before you buy it.
  • In an intense winter, these greenery don't have a source of moisture and the environment is extremely dry. So, using anti-desiccant sprays are a big help as they don't allow the moisture to lose. Spray at every angle of garland well before arranging them for the best results. Make sure that this step must not be skipped.
  • Avoid arranging them in the direct sunlight or near any heating vent. Keep them cool as a cooler environment will not let the garlands dry quickly. Store them in a cool area until their use. Refrigerator would be a viable option.

Parting Notes

Garlands have become a choice of many DIYers. Nowadays, garlands tend to be artificial and due to no effect of moisture loss, these allow families to reuse them year after year. If you’re interested in buying more artificial garlands and other Christmas accessories, you can find them all in our store.

We hope you found this article helpful. For more information, kindly visit our website or contact our supportive service executive. We’d be happy to assist you.

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