Make your own Christmas ornament wreath under 20 minutes and less than $10

Christmas is all about Jesus, his teachings and preachings, and also loads of family time. With everyone actively involved in decking their homes up to gear up for Christmas festivities, hanging up a Christmas wreath on the front door is one of the many traditions that take place every wear. And for the modern culture, ornament wreaths have for sure taken over the traditional ones.

But it’s not just Christmas, wreaths can be put up for various festivities around the year like Halloween, Easter, et al.

While many people enjoy receiving a wreath as a gift or buy from florists or nearby stores, many people still enjoy making it a part of the festivities. You can make your wreath using materials like styrofoam, wire, or anything else to get a circular shape and indulge yourself in a crafty festive mood for Christmas.

The meaning behind hanging a wreath

Wreaths have a history tied up with the Christian religion of symbolizing Lord Jesus. The circular shape signifies eternal life, representing the continuity of life and nature. The colors of red, green, white, or purple have often been used in wreaths to stand for the blood, life, joy, sacrifice, or forgiveness in Jesus.

What all can be used to decorate a home-made wreath?

If you want to go the traditional way, then stick to and adorn with holly and berries. Opt for customary green and red colors with multiple natural decorations like pinecones, fruits, mirrored disco balls, flowers, or even edible items like sweets, biscuits, cinnamon sticks, and citrus fruits. 

But if you want to go with a bit non-traditional, that is, a modern way, then you can make wreaths from fabrics, paper, knitted balls, or even cute pom-poms. 

You might also choose to use gold, silver, or white ornaments for an ornament wreath, draped in baubles or fairy lights. You can choose to add any accessory that interests you and think would look great.

There is no limit or no excuse to go overboard with your wreath as it is not just a tradition, instead of emotion and a feeling in itself. Besides the emotional aspect, a Christmas wreath (also called a Christmas crown or advent crown) creates a warm, festive, and homely feeling when hung on the front door.

And if you’re looking for some year-round sparkling and sleek ornament wreaths, then wreaths at All Things Christmas and More have got you covered! With a range of eye-catching seasonal decorations that will last you for years, your Christmas decor will be on-point and talk of the town!

Necessary supplies to make your DIY Christmas ornament wreath

You need a few things here and there to make yourself a custom and OTT ornament wreath under as little as 20 minutes.

So what are the simple yet necessary supplies?

  1. Hot glue gun/glue/hot glue and glue sticks
  2. Shatterproof Christmas ornaments in small, medium, and large sizes of whatever color(s) you want the wreath to be and whatever texture interests you the most like matte, shiny, glitter, or shimmer
  3. Circular wreath form made of any material (like foam, straw, wire, or anything you want)
  4. Lastly, a ribbon (to hang the wreath at the door) or some small pins

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Let us start prepping!

  • Step 1: Gather all the supplies that you must have done until now as you have the list!
  • Step 2: Put the ornaments down and around. So before sticking the adornments onto the wreath, first place the wreath form and ornaments down to get an idea of the color scheme you wish to go with and the initial placement. Once you’re satisfied, start sticking the ornaments on the inside first and then the outside. Start with large sized ornaments first and then move gradually to medium and small-sized ones.
  • Step 3: When you seem to be satisfied with the first placement of ornaments, start sticking more on the base layer to cover the form completely so that the wreath form is not visible when hung.
  • Step 4: Finally, attach a ribbon to it. Or maybe you can hang it just like that without a ribbon, and voila!

All this is in place. Now you are ready with your own custom festive ornament wreath. You can even try your hands on with multiple decorations besides the ornaments. Try getting some floral decorations, some shimmer tassels, and other stuff to decorate your wreath.

Make one for yourself and also give some to your near and dear ones. Who doesn't love to receive a custom wreath made especially for them by someone close and special?

Tips when creating a DIY custom ornament wreath

  1. Try involving kids at your home (if any) to have a fun and creative activity and to keep them busy as well.
  1. Make sure to wait for a few seconds between placing each ornament to let the glue harden and for the knick-knacks to be stuck securely.
  1. Wait for a sale to buy those wreath decorations or it will cost you extremely expensive.
  1. If you're making a larger/heavier wreath, tie a ribbon around the wreath form before gluing ornaments. It will help hold onto the weight effectively when decorating out at the front door.
  1. Don't forget to remove all the glue strings off the wreath before dangling it finally. Also, BE CAREFUL TO NOT BURN YOURSELF.

So you see how fun it can be to create yourself a wreath in much less time! But if you want to buy yourself a wreath that is both high quality and brings in the festive vibes, then ornament wreaths by All Things Christmas and More will surely suffice your needs. Opt for some super affordable Christmas decorations to celebrate the holiday season and other festive life events with a bang.

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