Best Nativity Sets of 2020

Being the sight of Jesus' conception and his ultimate sacrifice, nativity sets are much more than just a reminder and an endorsement of the Christian religion. In these modern times, these sets help in proclaiming Christ's birth and the true ‘reason for the season’. 

Due to considerable variations in the prices and designs, people often find purchasing the perfect set an intimidating task. Keeping this problem in mind, here’s the list of best nativity sets of 2020 that will ease your selection process.

But first, let’s gain some basic knowledge about these nativity sets. So let’s dive right in.

What are Nativity Sets?

  • The word nativity has derived from the Latin word ‘nativus’, which means “arisen by birth”. These sets represent the night when Jesus took birth, as depicted in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.
  • These sets exhibit figures representing Christ as an infant in a manger, his mother Mary, his father Joseph, angels, shepherds, several barn animals, a star, and sometimes, three wise men bringing presents.

Significance of Nativity Sets

  • The tradition of using nativity sets at the time of Christmas first came into existence in AD 1223. After traveling to the holy land and Christ’s birthplace, Francis of Assisi created the very first Christmas nativity set. The motive behind creating these sets was to emphasize Christmas upon the worship of Christ rather than upon gift-giving and secular materialism.
  • The figures present in these nativity sets have their pure religious significance which is undeniably true. The manger scenes on these sets depict the celebration of birth, new life, and renewal as well as hope bound up with succeeding generations. 
  • These figures also signify the beauty of the family. The heralding angel sums the transcendent worth, divine, and dignity to this celebration of Jesus' birth.
  • Moreover, a family that places these nativity sets in their home on the auspicious occasion of Christmas receives everlasting blessings and love from God.

These sets are decor that you’ll need to celebrate Christmas in your home with your family and neighbors. With so many options of these sets available in the market, buying one can be a daunting task.

So, to ease out the process of selection, we have put together a comprehensive list of different types of nativity sets that will help you purchase the set of your choice in the budget.

Best Nativity Sets of 2020

This is an outstanding 21 piece set that comes with complete real-life nativity figures and separate chests with hinged lids filled with real 24k gold as well as authentic frankincense and myrrh. In this set, the baby Jesus rests in the manger and 3 kings bringing gifts. Along with these, you’ll be also provided with 3 sheep, 3 camels, 1 donkey, and a cow. This is a perfect set for an outdoor exhibition.

This 15 piece set comes with all the real-life nativity figures. The Holy family, Shepherd, Angel, Three Kings, cow, donkey, sheep, and camels. This set offers the dramatic life-like realism that will be a source of meaningful joy for many years.

This 16 piece set comes with The holy family, the shepherds, the angel, and the kings following the Christmas star to make up “the real-life nativity”. The dramatic, life-like realism and true elements like real gold, frankincense, and myrrh along with an heirloom will definitely enhance your indoor celebration, that too on a budget.

Many people who celebrate their first Christmas with their children or at their new home find it difficult to arrange their nativity sets. Either they have forgotten how to arrange these sets or perhaps they have never arranged these sets on their own before.

Whatever your reason may be, by following the arrangement procedure we’ve provided in the next section, you’ll form the perfect nativity scene in no time.

How to Arrange a Nativity Scene

Step 1: Choose a location

You'll need to position your nativity set where it will be visible and well lit without blocking traffic. You can arrange your set either indoors or outdoors.

Step 2: Place the Christ Child in the center

Center the manger or the trough where the child Christ sleeps in the stable. Later, on Christmas morning, put the infant Christ in the manger.

Step 3: Place mother Mary and father Joseph on either side

Mary and Joseph should be nearest on either side of the manager. Among the two, usually, Mary is the closest.

Step 4: Set the secondary characters in the concentric circles

Set the shepherds and the wise men in concentric circles around the stable. As the wise men were thought to be the last to arrive, put them the furthest away in the nativity set.

Make sure to move the wise men into the stable on the epiphany, on January 6th. This is celebrated as the day the wise men reached the Christ child.

Step 5: Arrange the animals

Now place the sheep with shepherds, the camels with the wise men and any other animals in the stable.

Step 6: Put the angels on the roof

End the process of arranging the set by putting the angels on the roof of the stable. If there is no place for them on the roof, place them around the family inside the stable where they can bring great joy and glad tidings to both the holy family and the viewers of your scene.

Parting Notes

Nativity sets are a precious way of showing your faith in the son of God. Decorate your yard or indoors with these beautiful figures with various designs and materials. If you’re interested in buying more outdoor or indoor nativity sets, you’ll find them all along with individual figures at All things Christmas & more at a reasonable price.

For more information, kindly visit our website or contact our knowledgeable staff. We’ll be happy to assist you.



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