Okay so when is the right time to start decorating for the holidays does anyone really know? Many say wait till Thanksgiving is over because you wanna celebrate one holiday before another. Some times people like me cant fight the erg. This year I put my Christmas tree up 4 days before Thanksgiving I just couldn't wait to see the look on my sons face once it was lit.   So it really just depends on when the right time for you yourself to start the process of decoration.  It always helps if you have other people to help you it also makes it a lot more fun. Plus you have help with the heavy lifting. For the last couple of years i have always used a fake tree I just love how easy they are to assemble and put together by myself. It also helps to get a pre-lit one but it totally up to you. I love the 6' pre-lit soft white lights christmas tree from ALLTHINGSCHRISTMAS.COM it is so beautiful. There are many different options when it comes to trees,  you have to look at the area you plan to put the tree and decide how big you want to go. You want to make sure its the right size for the area and you also want to make sure you have the proper outlets and extension cords for the size of tree you decide on. This process is all up to you and your family as to when is the best time to start the decorating process. 

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