With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought we would find some wonderful ideas to ‘lighten up’ your sweetheart this year.  These are simple, but elegant ideas that he/she are sure to be impressed that you pulled off, and put so much effort into.

Why not create a centerpiece for your romantic dinner table.  Sure, you can go with the old candle lit dinner, but what fun is that?  Spice it up a bit with these simple, adorable Mason jar lights.  Simply cut construction paper in pink or red – or use scrapbook paper with hearts, the word LOVE, any number of options at your local craft store – to fit your jars, then cut out a heart shape.  Now you can mod podge your paper to the inside of the jar.  Toss in some battery operated lights in pure white, or red,  and your centerpiece is beautiful and sure to be a hit.  Add some ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.  You could also paint the jars, and make a wide variety of them to place around the entire room.

If what you’re looking for is a bit more intimate, we found a wonderful way to transform your bed for Valentine’s Day!  A canopy is extremely romantic to most women for whatever reason.  The only way we think to make a canopy even more romantic is to light the canopy with pink or red string lights.  If you don’t have a canopy bed, but you’ve to a four poster, make a canopy with sheer curtains.  First, you’ll need to tie one end of a sheer curtain to one of the bed posts, then drape the curtain to reach the corner on the same side or same end of the bed.  You can do this only at the head and foot of the bed, only on both sides of the bed, or all the way around.  Once you’ve draped the curtains, it’s as simply as draping pink or red string lights in the sheers.  If you already have a canopy bed, this will be a very simple project with a huge impact.  The lights are going to create a perfect ambiance without the fire hazards of candles.


How have you used some of our products to create a special, dramatic event even more so?  We love to hear from our customers so we can share with others.  Send us an email at [email protected].

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