Everyone has had those Christmas ornaments that have served their purpose, but are just worn out enough that you really don’t want to use them on the tree another year.  It’s a shame to get rid of them, they did nothing wrong, they have been great ornaments, they just don’t measure up to Christmas Tree standards anymore.  In an attempt to find a place in your home for these ornaments (and not make them think they’ve done something wrong), we have found some wonderful upcycle ideas!

One way to give old ornaments new life is to coat them in glitter.  Simply spray the ornament with adhesive and roll in glitter.  Allow the fresh ornaments to dry at least 24 hours and you have stunning new ornaments for your tree this year.

If you want to spruce up the ornaments to put back on the tree, another option is mod podge.  Using old book pages or tissue paper, dip them in mod podge and cover the old ornament.  Once the paper is applied, sprinkle with glitter.  Allow to dry overnight and you have created a gorgeous ‘new’ ornament.

If you would love to use your older ornaments, but want to do something other than hang them on a tree, we have solutions for that too!  Use those older ornaments to create a curtain of lights for one or more of your windows.  All you need is a curtain rod, ribbon and some ornaments.  Cut several pieces of ribbon at various lengths (from 18”-36”) depending on how tall your window of choice is.  Tie one end of the ribbon to an ornament and the other end to the curtain rod.  For a standard window (37” wide), approximately every 2”-3” depending on the size of the ornament, and quite frankly, your personal taste.    Once you have attached all your ornament ribbons to the curtain rod, simply hang!   If you really wanted to go big, you could even do this to a wall using guide wire across the top of the wall instead of a curtain rod.  You now have a new décor piece for your home & your ornaments don’t feel unloved.

The simplest, easiest way we found to use your ornaments without putting them back on the tree is by turning them into gift tags.  Use markers or glitter pens to write the recipient’s name on the ornament.  Add some special designs to match the gift recipient’s personality.  Maybe next year, that ornament will turn up on the gift recipient’s tree!  A sort of pay-it-forward for Christmas ornaments.

Have you upcycled ornaments in the past?  Do you plan to use some of our ideas this year?  We love feedback from our customers.  Send us an email!  

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