Bring the flashy hues from our Tropical Ornament Collection into your home and you won’t have to travel far to feel like you’re on vacation.  We incorporated colors that remind us of tropical places; colors that instantly transform you to a place of rest and relaxation; colors that can wash away all your worries.  We found a winner combining pinks, oranges, aquas, lime greens, and coppers. 

Pink symbolizes calm.  Adding pink to your décor can help you remain calm, or help you achieve calm after a hectic day.

Orange symbolizes energy, balance and warmth.  A touch of orange can energize and add some warmth to whichever room you choose to add your Tropical Collection greenery.  A balanced life is something we all strive for; balance between work and home, family and friends, play and rest.  Every time you see the orange, let it serve as a reminder to take stock of your life and how balanced it is between all the different areas that demand your attention.

Allow the aqua to transform you to the ocean.  Symbolizing water, aqua can be very soothing; a reminder to slow down and soak in all that life has to offer.

The color green defines nature:  palm trees, grass, leaves on flowers and trees.  It represents health, healing and abundance.  Green also represents harmony of the body and soul.  What better color to incorporate into your décor than one that encourages harmony?

The color copper represents wealth.  While you are basking in your Tropical Collection greenery, allow the copper to ‘absorb’ your subconscious and bring thoughts of wealth and prosperity.

Available in both wreaths and garlands, the Tropical Collection is meant to make your home more tranquil, a place to escape from the rest of the world.  Warm your home year-round with these vibrant, tropical collections sure to warm your heart as well.

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