Outdoor entertaining during the warmer months is popular all across the U.S.  How often has your outdoor entertaining lasted into the wee hours of the night?  You need some lighting when that happens!  We found some simple, interesting ways to use lights and decorate at the same time.

Red Solo cups are popular for parties, especially outdoor parties, because they can just be tossed making clean up easy. They’re also popular for games, like beer pong, so why not decorate with them, too?  Simply poke a hole in the bottom of some mini red solo cups and slide the cups over the string lights. 

You could even make a red solo cup theme of your party!  Poke holes in large solo cups, stuff them with string lights, and turn them upside down to make centerpieces out of them.

If Red Solo Cups aren’t exactly your cup of tea, how about a roof of lights?  This one is very simple!  You can string lights along the entire roof or canopy of your deck/porch.  You could mix things up and use different colors, or stick with just one color.  You can also place as many or as few lights as you’d like by using more or fewer strings of lights.

One of the most celebrated times during the warm months is Independence Day!  If you’re not hosting a party, you’re sure to be attending one!  If you’re hosting, you want to make sure your décor is all about the red, white, and blue.  By turning Mason jars into flags using paint, you will have some fabulous centerpieces for your 4th of July bash!  Paint your jars with stars and stripes, then fill them with red, white, and blue string lights.  You could use one color per table, or mix them all up!

How do you decorate for your outdoor summer parties?  Send us pictures so we can share with our other readers.  Email your ideas to [email protected].

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