St. Patrick’s Day is typically celebrated, only sparsely decorated.  We would like to change that this year!  Several other holidays are so easy to decorate for, but St. Patrick’s Day can be a little more difficult to imagine décor outside the norm. 

String lights are a simple beginning to a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day garland.  Simply find scrap fabric at your local fabric store (or your mom’s house) in different shades of green.  Cut the fabric in strips approximately ½”-3/4” thick and 6” long.  Tie these strips along the entire length of the string.  You could place your fabric garland on the mantle, around doors or windows, or use it as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Another out of the norm St. Patrick’s Day décor idea is a tree!!  Who says trees have to be decorations for only Christmas?  Make yours a St. Patrick’s Day tree and use different shades of green ornaments, green lights, green ribbon; the possibilities for this tree are as limited as your imagination.  This would also give you a reason to leave that tree up longer!  You could even decorate it all year with new themes for each holiday.  Valentine’s Day, then St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, then Memorial Day, Independence Day,  then Halloween, then Thanksgiving before going back to a Christmas tree!

If you would rather stick with the traditional St. Patrick’s Day themes of leprechauns and shamrocks, we can help with that as well.  We can build displays in any shape or size you want!  A 2’ leprechaun hat to hang in the foyer, a 6’ shamrock for your front yard, a leprechaun sliding down a 10’ rainbow, these possibilities are endless!!

Have other ideas for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, or any holiday for that matter?  We would love to hear from you.  Simply email us with your ideas or pictures to [email protected].

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