For the most part, when people see our company name, Christmas automatically comes to mind.  We have been expanding our product line in recent years to make sure you think of us often – and not just for your holiday décor and lighting.  We have extended our Halloween décor this year.  With additional dead trees (, shorter ropelight options, and some wonderful new Halloween window displays, you’re sure to start thinking of us much more than just November and December – specifically for your Halloween needs!

The new Halloween window displays offer five new options to decorate your outdoor display this season.  Choose from a spider web (LED-35LSP-18), black cat (LED-35LCAT-18), jack-o-lantern (LED-35LPKN-18), bat (LED-35LBAT-18), or ghost (LED-35LGHOST-18), or choose them all!  These would be great additions to the exterior of your home in addition to the window.  You’re sure to spook all the trick-or-treaters coming to your door when you incorporate one or more of these displays.

By adding an 18’ length to our ropelight options, we’ve opened up an opportunity to purchase multiple colors for your smaller projects.  Oftentimes we find that Halloween displays do not require as much ropelight as a Christmas display would, as most are outlining the perimeter of windows for Halloween as opposed to the perimeter of entire houses during the traditional holiday season.  Find orange and purple 18’ ropelight at

Don’t forget what an integral part of your décor, for any season, ornaments can be!  Since our ornaments now come pre-wired, they are so much simpler to manipulate into twigs or straw to create fantastic fall centerpieces.  Ornaments in orange, purple and black would be perfect to create Halloween centerpieces.  Choose orange, brown and gold to create fall themed centerpieces.  You could also add them to a wreath for your door or a garland to grace your mantle. 

Need some more Halloween ideas?  You can definitely call or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you with ideas for your specific venue or space.  We will have many more ideas if you send us pictures!


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