Need lighting ideas for a prom, graduation party or wedding reception? We are always here to help!! There are several ways you can make your special occasion ‘shimmer’ with the use of lights. Lighting could be that one last small touch you need to make your event especially enchanting! An accent wall is always a wonderful way to make the venue ‘shine’! Simply choose one wall in your venue to line with curtain lights. For an added textural touch, cover with tulle or sheer fabric! Centerpieces are always a simple, elegant way to ‘light up’ any occasion. Choose any glass container (vase, bowl, etc.). You could choose a different style/size of glass for each table or make them uniform; either will be beautiful. Choose a small accessory that will fit your theme. For instance, if your theme is tropical, you could place flower petals in the vase; for a more elegant look, place marbles or glass stones in the vase. Then simply drop a strand of battery operated LED lights in and place on each table. You could choose a different small accessory for each table, or you could leave the accessories out altogether! For the ultimate WOW factor, light the underneath of each table! By simply using thin fabric for the table covering, you can secure battery operated light strands under each table (if you own the tables, silicone adhesive will be your best option and if you are renting the tables, duct tape will work). This will cast an elegant, subtle glow over your entire venue. If you need more ideas, or would like to share your own, please don’t hesitate to call or email! We love customer interaction and feedback, and may use your ideas in a future blog or Newsletter!

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