Our typical blogs are informational in an attempt to broaden our customer’s horizons when it comes to our products.  Most people believe that you only use Christmas products at Christmas time; we feel like we are doing a good job of changing that perception.

This blog is completely different.  We truly care about the safety of our customers.  We not only want to share your love of Christmas and decorating, but we are genuinely concerned with the quality of life you live.  We also believe that we can offer some practical ways to put our products to use. 

The San Jose, CA sheriff’s Department had some practical advice for preventing burglaries.  Make sure your home appears occupied, even when you are on vacation.  You could purchase a timer for your lights, or simply have a trusted neighbor stop by to turn lights on and off as it gets dark outside.  Make sure you either stop your mail delivery while you are gone, or incorporate the help of that friendly neighbor to pick it up each day so it does not build up.   Make sure you visit the link to hear all of the wonderful ideas.

A well-lit home is one of the major deterrents of a thief.  Perimeter lighting with rope light is a good way to help with lighting.  Simply line the perimeter of your roof in the rope light color of your choice.

Another place you can use rope light to make your home safer is the walkway or driveway, or you could light both.  Simply dig a small trench on the side of your walkway or driveway and place the rope light in the trench.  You could cover with ‘glass’ rocks to make the walkway more attractive.

Another lighting idea is to wrap your trees with string lights.  This is a very elegant idea used for special events such as weddings or parties, but you could use the same idea to protect your home.  Simply wrap string lights around the trunks of your trees.

Do you have other ideas to ensure the safety of your home and family?  We are committed to sharing all valuable information with our customers.  Send us an email describing how you’ve added security to your home with our products.  Include some pictures, too!  [email protected]

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