Miriam-Webster defines rustic as ‘of, relating to, or suitable for the country or people who live in the country’.   So we searched far and wide to find the best for you in rustic décor.  You can turn any room rustic just by changing or adding a few pieces.

Our beautiful bear rugs are sure to add that touch of country you’re looking for.  Transform any room into a quaint, country cabin by simply adding one of these gorgeous 60’ x 60’ bear rugs.  We’ve got a rug to suit most any taste.  The kids will love to lounge on them, they’ll make a perfect place to lay in front of a nice fire and read a book, or you could hang on the wall as a conversation piece for any room.

The Black Bear is native to North America.  It is the smallest and most widely distributed bear species according to Wikipedia.  Modeled after this popular bear species, this faux black bear rug is sure to bring some outdoors in.  Add this beauty to your den, bedroom, or man cave!

Symbolic of the Arctic, polar bears are the largest land predators.  White in color, which symbolizes safety and protection, these are the biggest, most prominent in the bear species.  This gorgeous faux rug will be the picture of prestige in any room.  Place in front of your fireplace in the den, family room, or hang on the wall in the bedroom.

Grizzlies are known as a keystone species, meaning that the grizzly plays a functional role within its ecosystem.   The grizzly is any North American subspecies of brown bear.  Some examples are the Mainland Grizzly and the Kodiak.  This grizzly, made with the finest faux fur, would be a perfect addition on your bedroom wall or to warm up the hallway or entry way.

Need some guidance from our designers to transform the rest of the room into a rustic getaway?  Give us a call (765-664-1195) or send us an email at [email protected]

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