So everyone always talks about decorating for the major holidays but what about the smaller holidays.  With rope lighting you can add color to any room without it being overpowering. With pink or red rope lighting you can decorate for Valentines Day or green for St Patrick's Day. Even if you don't want to decorate for the smaller holidays throughout the year you can use rope lighting for many different things. Just adding some pops of color with this lighting without having to go crazy with decorations for each holiday. I have always loved the look of rope lighting. I can always remember my grandma having rope lights up all year round in her kitchen and around her roof, maybe that why I love them so much.  With ALLLTHINGSCHRISTMASANDMORE.COM you will find all your rope lighting needs. They have a variety of colors to choose from.   
If you love rope lighting it can be used to light up your flower garden at night or give your kitchen a warm glow. You can line your walkways at your home or line your deck. When buying rope lights to use as indoor lighting I would suggest the LED rope lighting just because the LED lights run cooler so you don't have a fear of fire. They also save on energy. Really rope lighting can is a great option to choose when decorating for any holiday or special occasion. I have had many friend use rope lighting for wedding decor. I really hope rope lighting becomes a favorite for you like it is for me.

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