Even though the holidays are over, many people like to keep their Christmas lights up throughout the winter.  Unfortunately, the winter weather can be rough on lights, particularly incandescent lights.  That is where LED retrofit replacement bulbs come in handy.  With so many styles and advantages to retrofits, you are guaranteed to find something to help keep the lights on all winter long.

     When it gets cold and windy, everything gets knocked around.  Breakable bulbs become easy targets in this environment.  The bigger the bulbs, the easier they will break, making C style bulbs and globe lights the most susceptible.  LED lights, however, are extremely hard to break.  People have dropped, thrown, and even stepped on LED lights and the lights remained intact.  For use outdoors, LED bulbs are really the only way to go.  And do not forget that they use much less power than incandescent, which is great for the environment and your electric bill.

     All of the retrofit replacement bulbs are made with the traditional screw-in socket for their respective style.  C-7 retrofits, for example, are made with traditional E12 sockets.  This ensures maximum compatibility.  Currently, the retrofit styles that are available are C7 bulbs, C9 bulbs, F50 bulbs, G30 globe lights, G40 globe lights, G50 globe lights, T50 lights, and special strobe lights.  They are all easy to find.  Simply click the “LED Retrofits” tab on the left navigational bar and they will all be right there.

     If you have not done so yet, now is definitely time to consider either replacing your broken bulbs or taking the initiative and upgrading your current ones to LED retrofit.  Experience the difference and you will not be disappointed.  If you have any questions or concerns at all about LED retrofit replacement bulbs, or about anything else, just send an e-mail to [email protected] and one of the helpful members of the staff will get back to you shortly.