There are advantages and disadvantages to both real and artificial Christmas trees. For most who choose a real tree, they do so for one of three reasons: The smell of the pine that fills their home, the nostalgia of cutting your own Christmas tree, or simply to continue a family tradition. Those who choose an artificial tree attribute their choice to three main reasons also: Attempting to save the environment by not cutting a real tree, avoid the hassle of transporting a real tree, and avoid stepping on pine needles that a real tree is notorious for leaving behind. Real trees will obviously range in price, with many factors contributing to that price difference. For instance, an 8’ tree will be more expensive than a 5’ tree; a full tree will be more expensive than a ‘Charlie Brown Tree’; and the more expensive the tree, the stronger the holding power of the needles, which simply means you pay more to avoid stepping on pine needles. The cost of a fresh cut 6’ Christmas tree ranges anywhere from $22 for one you cut yourself, upwards of $140 if you purchase from a retailer. If you purchase on the low end, you can expect to spend probably around $40 if you go to a tree farm, cut the tree yourself, and lug it back to your home-however far away from the farm that may be. This will be an annual expense, so add that up over ten years. With gas factored, you’re looking at an average of $500 for just a tree and gas to get the tree home over a ten year span. Then you have to purchase lights, ornaments, a tree stand, and a tree skirt. In addition, you must take into consideration the man hours of transporting the tree, vacuuming the floor five times each day to avoid stepping on needles, and disposal of the tree after Christmas. Also, please be cautious of the fire hazards of a real Christmas tree. Our artificial Sequoia trees are reasonably priced, starting around $100 for a 6’ tree that looks real. The foliage is flame retardant, so peace of mind comes standard with our trees, and the needles are specially made to be both fade and crush resistant so they will last for years and years. There is no drive to the tree farm, you simply unpack the box and assemble. In addition, each of our trees comes with its own stand, so there’s no extra purchase. You can also get them pre-lit so you do not have to hassle with multiple strings of lights. Add a few ornaments, which are beautiful and reasonably priced, and you’re looking at an average of $150-$200 ONE TIME expense. This tree will, more than likely, be the last tree you ever have to buy, as the life of our beautifully crafted trees far outlasts the average artificial tree. Real tree or artificial tree is more a matter of personal preference than any other factor. If you enjoy the smell of a live tree but not the hassles and annual expense, our advice is to go with the artificial tree and burn a pine scented candle or add some pine scented essence oil to the tree itself. It will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the long-term.

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