We love to share DIY project ideas, but our absolute favorite projects are the ones specifically for children.  Children are the human light in our ever so dark world, so when we can help you create projects that make your children ‘light up’ with joy, everything else we do seems pale in comparison.  This special project is sure to be a hit!  It would be a perfect addition to a play room or your child’s bedroom.  If you've got a new bundle of joy on the way, this would be the perfect project for the nursery.

We’ll start with HoliSpheres.  Since they come in packages of three in different sizes, they will make perfect clouds.  You could use two packages, five clouds and a large HoliSphere for the sun.  There are a couple of different options as far as wrapping the HoliSphere’s are concerned.  If you would like the clouds to emit ‘lightning’, you could first wrap the HoliSphere with string lights.  Once the lights are in place (or if you choose not to use lights), tissue paper is one option – white for the clouds and yellow for the sun; another would be strips of white fabric with some light blue clusters mingled in for the clouds and yellow/orange for the sun.

Cut raindrops out of construction paper.  You could stick with one color or make them rainbow raindrops – whichever fits better with the theme of the room or your child’s personality.  String the raindrops using fishing wire and then secure from the bottom of the clouds. 

We came up with a fantastic way to turn this ‘cloudy day’ into an amazing DIY décor piece for any child’s room.  The ultimate reward from rain is, of course, a fabulous rainbow.  Simply use rope lighting in various colors to create your rainbow. The rain clouds could grace the corner of your room and your rainbow could span the ceiling!  If you believe in Christmas for its true meaning, you’ll appreciate the rainbow.  If not, click the link and you’ll understand.

We hope you enjoy this DIY project.  It’s probably one of the favorites here in the office!  We may put one in our reception area (we just have to talk the big guy into letting us)! 

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