Wouldn't it be nice if you could put up string lights on the perimeter of your home for the Christmas season and not have to change them for Valentine’s Day?  What if you could find one strand of lights that you could use for multiple occasions; a strand that would change colors with the season?  If this describes your desires for string lights, our new RGB strings are exactly what you’re looking for!

RGB simply stands for red, green, blue.  Each point of light contains a red, a green, and a blue LED bulb.  These bulbs can combine to make nearly any color, including white.  By coordinating each string with controller(s) to create the colors and light patterns you want, our programmers can create nearly any look to match any season, holiday, or occasion.  The green, red, and blue combined in different hues create different tones/colors.  Each strand has the capability to become any color you want, and change as often as your moods.  They can also change color in varying speeds.  You can even program them to music (we can help with that if necessary).

Some incredible uses for these RGB lights would be:

·        Light a tree you keep up year-round & decorate with the seasons

·        Line your driveway or sidewalk

·        Perimeter light any room in the house

·        Replace those boring bathroom light fixtures with something very untraditional

·        Decorate the perimeter of the rooftop

·        Add ambiance to your deck/pool area

Since RGB’s are new to (All Things Christmas and More) this year, we’re learning along with all of you!  These are just some of the things we've experimented with and fell in love with.

Have you used RGB lighting before?  Share your experiences with us so we can share with our customers!  We’d love to see your pictures, too!  You can always email us at [email protected].  

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