ALLTHINGSCHRISTMASANDMORE.COM carries many different options when it comes to picks from different colors to glitter, small ones and big ones. They can be used for many different things. You can use them on your christmas tree , you can create a wreath with your own style. You can also fill a vase with them for any season just to add a beautiful pop of color. They can be used to top a christmas tree instead of a star or bow. Some people buy them as little accents for their wedding or to add to their wedding center pieces. I love adding these to my christmas tree it just adds that something special that is very eye catching. They come in all different colors and styles. These are great to use for DIY projects because you can use them any way you want you can create a center piece for your mantel or a center piece for you dinning table. You can use these for any time of year and they are very inexpensive. I personally love the different peacock feathers that are beautiful and come in many different colors. I hope this gives you a couple ideas of uses for floral picks and I would love to see some pictures of some of the creations everyone comes up with. 

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