Our new product line includes some picks that are fabulous tools for your DIY needs.  Picks are the perfect addition to add some personality to your tree, wreath, or garland.  They can also be perfect for a quick centerpiece or mantle décor when combined with some ornaments.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Picks are so versatile, they can be used in several different DIY projects.  A favorite décor piece for many DIY decorators (if you ever watch any DIY television) are tall (3’-5’), slender, glass vases that you can fill with virtually anything and stand in a corner.  They add a touch of class and elegance, and can be changed with the season or a specific theme.  Let’s start with a fall themed idea.  Fall brings with it several things from the sky that aren't prevalent any other time of year – specifically acorns!  Acorns can be somewhat of a nuisance, but when you transform them, they can become things of beauty.

Start by collecting enough acorns to fill your vase (which can more than likely be found at your local thrift shop or craft store) about 3/4ths of the way from the top.  Paint the acorn bottoms in colors you wouldn't expect for fall – blue, pink, yellow, purple – using craft paint.  Once the paint dries, you can layer some of the acorns in the vase, then add a layer of the pick www.allthingschristmasandmore.com/of your choice.  We have several to choose from.  Add another layer of acorns, then another layer of picks.  You can make each layer as thick or thin as you like until you've reached the top of your vase.  Another option would be to stand a pick up on the inside (against the vase) as you fill with acorns instead of layering them in.  This gives you two different looks, so experiment and find out what you like!  You could do both if you like.

A very inexpensive DIY idea that you could incorporate picks into is toilet paper roll flowers.  Cut your empty toilet paper rolls into 1” strips.  Glue them together to create an elegant flower array and allow to dry (as shown in the picture).  Once dry, spray paint your flowers any color you choose.  Once the paint dries, interweave your favorite pick(www.allthingschristmasandmore.com).  Secure the pick with glue and allow to dry.  Now you can hang your elegant new creation in any room, and if you don’t tell anyone, they’ll never know how inexpensive this spectacular creation was to create.

Have you used picks in your décor?  We would love to hear your ideas and see your pictures!  Send us an email at [email protected].


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