No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. ~ Oscar Wilde Art comes in many, many forms: Vincent van Gogh created paintings like The Starry Night; Michelangelo created incredible sculptures such as David and Pieta` that we still admire today; Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart composed some beautiful pieces, Symphony No. 40 and Overture to name a few; and there are various other forms of art. Some consider tattoos art, others graffiti, and yet others prefer performance art. Our art comes via lights! Although most of the time, light is only thought of when the switch is flipped and magic is expected, we see lights from a completely different perspective. We choose to paint with our lights. Lights can transform into beautiful works of art when aligned and composed together properly. We have some phenomenal designers to help with this process, and each takes tremendous pride in their creations. Many different canvases assist in the production of our art. Sometimes it is the exterior of a building, sometimes a wire frame (which, standing alone, can be gorgeous), and sometimes the canvas is a tree or garland. Regardless of the form we choose as the base, our goal for the outcome is nothing short of stunning. Our goal in every creation is to bring joy to someone. There is no greater satisfaction than in knowing that the fruits of your imagination have brought joy to another’s life. When you can see the sparkle in someone’s eyes and take complete comfort in knowing that you are the reason for that sparkle, there is no greater feeling. The more smiles our creation can garner, the greater our sense of accomplishment. Dale Carnegie said, “The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure,” and we tend to agree completely.