With 2014 moving so quickly, it’s time to get those wheels spinning for this year’s holiday season!  We have a wide range of Christmas trees to ensure you create a festive atmosphere for your home.  Sometimes it’s nice to have ideas for a smaller space, so we've found some amazing ideas to bring the spirit into those hard-to-decorate spots.

Cardboard Christmas trees would be a very simple way to add a tree to any tight space.  Cut them as large or as small as you want, with branches or without, and pop in some 5mm or M5 commercial grade lightbulbs.  You could even spray paint them before lighting – make sure you give them plenty of time to dry.

Instead of cardboard, make cones trees out of poster board.  You can make several sizes and stage them together on any tabletop.  The holes can be punched prior to shaping with various sized hole punches or scrapbook punches.  Simply group the trees together; one string of lights could light 4-6 trees depending how many lights you use in each tree. 

Using Christmas ornaments is another way to create a tree in a room without taking up any of the square footage.  By tying ornaments to string or fish line, start with one ornament approximately three to four inches below the curtain rod in the center.  Cut the strings on either side of the first one so that once the ornament is attached, they hang directly below, but on either side of the top ornament.  Continue this pattern until you have created the perfect tree in your window.  Get creative by using ornaments of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Decorating every room can be difficult to manage and not make your house seem cluttered, but we hope we have offered you some simple, inexpensive options to make your home more festive for this year’s holiday season.

Have other ideas we could share with our readers?  We would love to see your pictures, too!  Email us at [email protected]AllThingsChristmasAndMore.com .


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