There are several ways you could incorporate lighting into your garden or landscaping; you can light deck or patio perimeters like most of your neighborhood, or you can shine spotlights to attempt keeping the pesky animals out of the garden. Below we have a few outside-the-box ideas to add some ‘sparkle’ and ‘ahhhh’ to your landscaping or garden. We found a fabulous idea to add some depth to your landscaping. Create a small river through your yard WITHOUT using water! Simply dig a small (approximately 6”) pit 4” deep as long as you would like it to be snaking through your landscaping. You could have it totally separate from other features, or create it as a border around other features. Lay rope lighting (in white or blue) and cover with tumbled glass. This will create the look of a moving river. When the rope light is lit in the dark, your river will glow to help light the way for parties or provide some subtle ambiance. Another great landscaping idea would be to lay rope light between your flower bed and the brick (or whatever your choice) that surrounds it. This will make all your flowers/plants glow at night! If you plant a garden, you can dig a small trench (approximately 1” wide by 1” deep) around the perimeter of the garden and lay rope light all the way around. Illuminate your magnificent garden for everyone to see, even in the dark. Need some more landscaping/gardening light ideas? Give us a call or send us an email.

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