New Year’s Eve Party Décor


Don’t put away those Christmas decorations just yet!!  We found several fantastic ways to incorporate your traditional Christmas decorations into your New Year’s Eve décor, and make it fabulous!!

One simple idea is to find cardboard numbers 2 – 0 – 1 – 4 at your local craft store.  You can find these fairly inexpensive and they stand about 12”-18” tall.  Wrap your numbers in silver or gold garland to create centerpieces, wall hangings, table markers, and multiple other possibilities.

Another centerpiece idea would be to fill champagne, flute or martini glasses with ornaments.  Silver and gold seem to be signature colors for New Year’s Eve, but it’s your party, so throw in whatever you want!!  One color mixed with the silver and gold would be a perfect accent.  To add a little more flare, you could throw some curling ribbon in the glasses with the ornaments.  Possibly, use silver and gold curling ribbon then add one colored ornament (red or black) to match the theme of your party.  Have fun with your decorations and get some extra use out of those Christmas bulbs.

Make your party sparkle!!  Create an accent wall with shimmery ribbon and using our curtain lights.  Your whole party will shine when you light up just one wall.  If you don’t want to do an entire wall, you could light up just one table;  the snack table is always a great choice.  Line the perimeter of the table with curtain lights and then throw a sheer covering over the top, or incorporate the shimmering ribbon (in silver or gold), and your snack table will come to life.

No matter how you choose to decorate, have fun and relax!!  This is a celebration and you should be focused on the people you are celebrating with, not concerned about how the decorations turned out.  Our goal with this blog is to help you get as much use out of your decorations throughout the year as possible.

We would love to see how you used them!  Send us pictures at [email protected]

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