Lighting options are continuously evolving with LED technology, and we do our best to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge technology without breaking your bank.  We've found some incredible options for you this season, and some wonderful accessories that are sure to add excitement to your lighting décor; not just at Christmas, but all year!

The most exciting new product (in our humble opinion) this season is clear wire commercial grade light strings.  We carry these clear wire strings in both pure white and warm white.  These would be excellent choices to give the illusion of floating lights in your tree or wreath this year.  They would also be spectacular to use with many of our DIY ideas from previous blogs.  Clear wire gives you the opportunity to blend lights in places you wouldn't dare to before just because the wire would distract.  Any project that you wish the light to truly shine, clear wire is an obvious choice.

Rope light is wonderful for perimeter lighting, to line sidewalks or walkways, and for large, commercial projects.  Because it was previously only sold in strands of 150’, most residential clients were hesitant to give rope lighting a shot for decorating their homes.  This year, we are eliminating the fear of ‘too much rope light’!  Introducing 18’-24’ rope light strands!!  These will be perfect for your DIY projects and home holiday decorating because they are, obviously, much less expensive than the traditional coil.  The smaller coil allows you to purchase just the amount you need with no worry about wasting money or having too much left over that you have to store until you need it again.

Accessories are important, both in fashion and decorating; and lighting is no different!  We have added lanterns to the product line to help you spruce up some boring lighting around the house/business.  Simply placing these lanterns (available in quantities of 10) on your retrofits can transform the lights and add some excitement to your room.  Each lantern is 6” and comes in white, gold, green, red, orange, and purple, so there is sure to be a color that coordinates with any room décor.

We hope we have added some intriguing lighting options for your 2014 season that suit your needs.  Have other things in mind?  Shoot us an email and let us know what you've been looking for at [email protected].

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