It is imperative, for some people, that they have the ability to add fresh, new décor to each and every year.  Having the same look every year just is not an option.  Different colors, different themes, new and exciting options are all a must each year to keep things interesting.  We feel like we are wonderful at finding the newest and best, but this year we may have outdone ourselves.  From lighted ball wreaths, to dancing starbursts, to presents fit for a king, and so much more, these new products are sure to give you plenty of opportunity to transform this year’s décor!

For quite some years now, we have offered beautiful ball trees in multiple colors.  This season we have added lighted ball wreaths to the equation.  These gorgeous ball ornament wreaths, each 16” in diameter, are intertwined with both garland, and 20 battery powered, LED, pure white points of light.  Each is unique in the size and combination of ball ornaments, but all contain glitter and shiny balls.  This must-have is available in Mardi Gras, red, silver, gold, or red & gold

Our newest gifts are spectacular!!  Available from 13.5” to 31” in height, these beauties all sparkle and shimmer to create a dazzling display, either on their own or in combination with other spectacular products.  These would be perfect under a large, commercial Christmas tree display, or hanging from the ceiling to capture attention.  A red present with white glittering accents is available in either 31” or 20”, a gold present with white glittering accents is available in 31”,  a red present with green glittering accents is available in 20”, a gold present with silver accents is available in 20” and 13.5”, and a red present with either gold or silver glittering accents is available in 13.5” size.  All presents are collapsible, so they ship, travel, and store easily!

Another sparkling option this year is the lighted ribbon!  Available in either red, gold or silver, this shimmering ribbon is enhanced with 18 LED points of light to illuminate your tree or garland.  Each 6’ ribbon has a pure white LED, spaced 4” for the entire length.  Stick with just one color, or use both for added interest.

With so many options this year, we couldn't fit it all on one blog.  Make sure you check out the other blogs to get a better grasp of all we've made available to you this season.  Have questions, or need ideas on how to combine some of these new products and create your perfect décor this season?  Give us a call or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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