Nativities are a popular Christmas décor item, especially for those who affiliate Christmas to the birth of the Savior.  The nativity symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger so long ago.  To some, this is still what Christmas is all about.

Some church congregations celebrate Christmas with living nativities.  These are a sight to behold.  With real-life substitutes for Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, even the three wise men and live animals, these live nativities can put the gospels of Matthew and Luke into a whole new perspective. 

When choosing a nativity scene to include in your holiday décor, we have countless options!  You can choose a lighted nativity display, a large polyresin nativity display for outdoors, a small nativity scene to add to a room, or a combination of any/all three. 

A life-size nativity in your yard sends a message to passersby the true reason you celebrate Christmas.  Let your neighbors and guests know that Jesus is the reason for your season.  You can choose from a life-size polyresin set that includes Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, or a lighted display with the same cast.  If you would like to make the statement without all three, Mary kneeling alone is also a polyresin option. 

To add some tradition inside your home, the options broaden considerably.  Our smaller nativities can include the wise men, the stable, the stable animals, even the North Star and the original gifts to the newborn King.  With real gold, frankincense and myrrh, your home will not only be filled with the visual appeal of the nativity, but you will be able to breathe in the essence of the King’s gifts as well.

Need some help incorporating your new nativity pieces into your current holiday décor?  We are always here to help answer your questions and offer our suggestions

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