Memorial Day is the day we, as Americans, set aside to honor those who’ve lost their lives fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis. Most people don’t think of decorating for Memorial Day, but we have some wonderful ideas to help you show your support to our fallen troops. We discussed in an earlier blog a checkered flag out of white and black ornaments, but for Memorial Day, a red, white and blue ornament flag would be a wonderful way to show your support. The bigger the flag, the better!! Simply hot glue the ornaments together to form the same patterns in the American flag! Secure them to either canvas, plywood or plexi-glass, and hang your ornament flag in a window, on the front porch, or even build a huge flag and place it in your front yard. Around the house, you can create centerpieces out of glass containers and red/white/blue ornaments like we discussed in an earlier blog. Simply fill any glass container with red, white and blue ornaments and place on any table or mantle. This is a great way to decorate several small areas in your home. If crafty STILL isn’t your forte, simply decorate with red, white and blue lights. We offer strings of lights, rope light and blizzard tubes in all patriotic colors. One idea would be to line your driveway or the exterior of your home in red/white/blue rope lights. You could surround your home at the roof line in red/white/blue blizzard tubes. Or why not simply covering your bushes or trees in red/white/blue string lights. Be sure to stay tuned in for the next blog in the Not Just For Christmas series where we will discuss the multitude of ways you can decorate for weddings!!

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