Since St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, we’ll tackle some ‘green’ projects for this first blog in the series. Put your creative caps on and join us on this journey. Décor doesn’t have to be bank breaking! There are plenty of things around your house or in nature that you can incorporate to add décor for any holiday. Our first project for St. Patrick’s Day will use a little bit of nature. Since Spring is just around the corner, there are probably an abundance of branches (length will vary but approximately 2’) lying in your yard or a nearby park that you can gather; just a handful will do the trick. Use our M5 green light strand (item number C-25MGR-6G) to bind the branches in the middle, creating a swag. The swag can be hung over a doorway or mirror. You can place it on your mantle, or use it as a centerpiece and surround it with green and white ornaments on an entry table or dining room table. Thrift stores can offer fabulous decorating tools for a very inexpensive price! Pick up a shadow box at your local thrift store for this next project. Using some of last years ornaments, hot glue four of them together to create a four-leaf clover. Place the clover in the shadow box and surround it with a string of green lights. If you’re feeling a little more crafty, paint the frame of the shadow box and allow it to dry before you place the clover and lights in. You could also apply a sheet of scrapbook paper inside the back of the shadow box (Elmer’s glue or hot glue should be plenty to hold that in place) before you place your objects inside. Now we think you’re ready for a slightly bigger project! At your local art/craft store, choose a blank canvas in a size that suits the area you’ve selected to decorate. Using painter’s tape, create the outline of a shamrock on your canvas (Google images can help with a template for this). You could also use stencils (one large or several smaller) to create the same affect. You can either tape off just the outline, or the entire shamrock depending on the ambiance you want to create in your space. The more you tape off, the brighter the lighting will shine through the canvas. Once you’ve decided a pattern and taped it off, simply paint the remainder of the canvas in white or green. After the paint dries, use silicone w/adhesive to secure a string of lights (green if you painted white and white if you painted green) to the back perimeter of the canvas and hang or sit it in your space. The glow of the lights, especially at night, will bring a peaceful ambiance to your home. You can choose one of these projects, or you can combine them to create depth in your space. If you placed your swag on the mantle in the living room, hang your new shadow box on the opposite wall. If the swag is over a doorway, place the canvas on a small table in the same room. If the swag serves as the centerpiece on your entryway table, hang the shadow box on the wall directly above and the canvas on the opposite wall. Now you’re learning to layer your décor! If none of these projects appeals to you, simply light the trees or bushes outside your home with white and green lights. The front of your home is an ‘area’ and lighting this area can give you the same sense of serenity and happiness every time you enter or leave your home. We hope you enjoyed the first in our ‘Not Just For Christmas’ series of blogs. We look forward to helping you create all year long!

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