Since our battery operated lights are powered with batteries and do not require an electrical outlet, there are so many ways to utilize them to make your every day, ordinary objects sparkle!! Today we would like to explore the multiple ways you can utilize battery operated lights for use in parades & festivals. Our battery operated lights come in several colors and available on white or green wire, so they would work well on a float in any theme. Your float will ‘shine’ above all the others when you light it!! Driving a convertible with the parade queen in tow? Put her in the spotlight using battery powered lights. Surround the car or just the queen. Either way she will be glowing! Have little ones riding in wagons or riding bicycles? How fun for them if they were lit up?! You can secure battery operated lights to the outside of the wagon or frame of the bicycle for a glimmering effect. Maybe you’re setting up shop at a festival and want your canopy to stand out amongst all the other vendors. Battery operated lights are a wonderful way to make this happen! And when night falls, your tent will already be lit, so there’s no need to pay the festival for the use of their electricity! Need more ideas? Simply send us an email or give us a call.

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