Home lighting doesn’t have to just come from a fixture in the ceiling or a lamp! We’d like to get your brain thinking outside the ‘traditional’ Christmas light uses and help you think of ways to utilize your purchases year-round. We’ve come up with some ideas for you to add a touch of ambiance to any room using string lights. Is there anybody besides me that has no idea what to do with the space above the kitchen cabinets? You know what I mean. There’s approximately 9”-12” between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Well now I know what to do to make that space come alive: String Lights!!!! Simply place string lights above the cabinets. You can choose any color, and the color of the wire will not be an issue because nobody is tall enough to actually see the top of your cabinets. You’ll get a nice glow and there will be less need to turn on your actual lights, which can cut down on your electric bill. You could use the same concept on top of your armoire. A single strand of lights would set the perfect ambiance for movie night with your mate…eliminating the need for candles that could potentially start a fire. Do you have other ideas? Share with us ways you utilize your string lights all year long!

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