This Mother’s Day, we have some wonderful décor ideas to make sure your mom ‘sparkles’ with excitement.  Create a fantastic lighted garden by choosing one or more of the ideas our fabulous designers came up with!  Make this a special holiday she will never forget.

If you have a covered porch or pergola to work with, this first idea might be a little easier, but doable in a small area in any yard.  Create a ‘canopy of lights’ using string lights.  You can use any color:  mom’s favorite color, or white for an elegant look.  If a covered porch or pergola is available, you can simply wrap strings around the frame.  If you are creating a light canopy with no framing, simply find a structure of some sort (a fence, trees, the side of a building, etc.) on each side of your picnic area and string several strands (approximately 1 ft apart). 

Have several trees around the area you are choosing to entertain mom?  You could wrap the trees in string lights.  Again, you can use mom’s favorite color or stick with white – your preference.  Tree wrapping creates a very elegant look, especially if you combine with the canopy idea above.  We suggest that you stick with one color throughout the area if you are choosing more than one idea.  Depending on the size of the area you choose to decorate, multiple colors can be too busy.

Don’t forget the tables!  Rope light secured to the bottom of the tables will create a lovely ambiance, especially for an early evening dinner.  If you choose to light the underside of the tables combined with a table covering, make sure the covering is as sheer as possible to ensure the light can be seen. 

Create some ambiance on top of the table, also!  Find a simple table runner, place a string of lights on top, and fill some glass containers with different sized and/or color ornaments.  You could throw in some baby’s breath, seashells, or flowers/flower pedals to match mom’s taste. 

We hope you use one or more of these fabulous ideas to make sure your mom never forgets this Mother’s Day!  We’d love to hear some of your ideas and see some of your pictures!  Send us an email at [email protected]

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