The classic drive thru light show has had a tremendous growth in popularity throughout the years. Light shows are a family oriented event. They have a breathtaking awe of lighted Christmas brilliance. Light shows can transform any location into a magical winter wonderland, simply by bringing the allure of dazzling lights in a combined array of dancing Animation and childlike Memories. The light show experience is a fantastic alternative to a blustery winter vacation. Imagine taking a warm cozy ride in the comfort of your own vehicle as you meander through the show, all the while enjoying the sights and sounds. The Holiday Light Shows can be created with imagination, time and lots of lights; the possibilities are endless. When it comes to the setting-up of a light show, the imagination has endless avenues. With the advent of (L.E.D) Light Emitting Diode technology, the efficiency of light shows has increased twofold, it can now take ten times the amount of lights and up to Eighty percent less power. The L.E.D technology has allowed for extra connectability when it comes to string lighting. As well, it is now possible to string up to one half of a mile of lights and use less that 6 amps of power, unheard of technology from days of Yore. The L.E.D technology has a plethora of different lens style and construction, with the most common being C7. Light shows offer many of this type of lighting technology, simply because of the power consumption and the reasonable price points on this product. Light shows offer a wonderful opportunity for the average family to enjoy the holidays while seeing tough times in the economy. The days of taking a short Vacation has almost disappeared due to extravagant inflation and extended consumer gouging from airfare to fuel expense, hence the actual word, “Staycation”, this term is coined in the simplest terms as a defined way to enjoy time with the family and save money The Holiday Light Show offers everything from fun and laughs with family and friends, to everlasting memories, that won’t be forgotten.

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