There are seven light parks that have been built throughout the United States, and they are all going to be opening very soon! The parks have been built with great care to create a beautiful and fun environment that you can your family can enjoy. They are a terrific, low cost way to spend quality time with someone you care about without it emptying your wallet. They are almost completed, and each one has its own significance.
On November 23, the Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway opens up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It was constructed with an astounding 1.7 miles of LED lights! All the info about this event is right here:
The Gift of Lights at Atlanta Motor Speedway will be opening its doors on November 18 in Georgia. This park used 1.5 miles of LED lights and is offering a special treat. This raceway has been selected to host both the 21st Annual Asphalt Nationals and the 13th Annual Thunder Car Nationals. Read all about the light event right here:
1.2 miles of LED lights were used to create the Gift of Lights at Elizabeth Farms event, which will be opening up on November 18 in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Farms has held the distinction of being the area’s largest live Christmas tree farm 1758. In addition to the lights themselves, you will enjoy a scenic horse-drawn wagon ride. More information is available here:
The Carolina Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway is the region’s largest Christmas light show. It was constructed with a phenomenal 4.5 miles of LED lights! Last year it was a huge success. It opens up on November 23. You can listen to testimonials from people who experienced it last year right here:
On November 18, the Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will open up. Las Vegas is known for its abundance of lights and glittery excitement, and this light show fits right in. It was named one of the top 10 holiday events in North America by AOL/MSN and This is one you do not want to miss. For more information, click here:
The Arizona Celebration of Lights is also its region’s largest Christmas lights extravaganza. It is hosted by the Phoenix Event Complex and was crafted with over 7 million LED lights. It opens up this year on November 19. Find out all about it right here:
The Gift of Lights at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will be opening up on November 18. It was crafted with over a mile of LED lights and celebrates the single largest sports event complex in the New England area. All the info you need is right here:
In addition to the enjoyment of the lights themselves, most of the parks are offering a special bonus: the first 15,000 vehicles will receive a free holiday gift bag! Do yourself and your family a favor and make visiting at least one of these light parks part of your holiday plans. You will not be disappointed.