Have you considered using life size figurines to enhance your holiday decor?  These by far are some of my favorite things on the website . Life size figurines can add that extra pop to your holiday display, allowing you to stand out from everyone else. Who wants to have the same display year after year? It’s time to mix things up! Start with just one life size figurine. Create a theme around that one display. For instance, reindeer could be your theme this year. Choose one single reindeer and make it the showcase of your entire display. Next year, you could add a second reindeer; or maybe the reindeer could be pulling a sleigh! Add Santa and some elves to recreate the North Pole in your front yard! Invite the kids to interject their ideas into your holiday display. Your yard could become their personal holiday fantasy land. It gives them an opportunity to exercise their imagination; and you know kids have active imaginations. Perhaps they would like to dance with Frosty the Snowman while they are playing outside. Singing and dancing with Frosty and all their neighborhood friends would bring a smile to most any child’s face. Would your kids prefer nutcrackers; marching through the snow as if they were toy soldiers themselves? Two nutcrackers flanking your front door could give a sense of security, like personal protectors of the home and all its occupants. Maybe you would prefer to be the reason people remember what Christmas is supposed to be about every time they pass your home. If that is the case, you can recreate Bethlehem in your front yard with a life size nativity. Everyone needs a reminder every now and again that Christmas is not just about the exchange of gifts and holiday parties. You could be that beacon for your entire community with a nativity display. There is no end to the possibilities of your holiday display. We provide many, many wonderful life size options to give your holiday display that boost it needs.ALLTHINGSCHRISTMASANDMORE.COM has so many options so we hope to see what you guys come up with.

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