Labor Day, originated to honor the contributions of the working man/woman to our country, signals the end of a much deserved summer, especially if you live in the Midwest!  Although we hate to see summer end, that means the 2014 holiday season is just around the corner, and that makes us very happy!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have got some fabulous ideas for the holiday at hand!

The easiest, most obvious Labor Day décor would be red, white, and blue anything!  You can combine ornaments and lights in so many different ways to create some fabulous décor.  From centerpieces to wreaths to trees, these standby’s have been used (and blogged about) until the cows come home.  Create something unique to you and share it with us!


Our new picks would make fabulous (and simple) Labor Day décor.  Toss some red, white, and blue together to create a bouquet, throw them into a vase to create a centerpiece, layer them into a shadowbox, these possibilities are numerous. 

A great lighting idea would be a definite DIY project!  Using tin cans, you can drill holes in shapes of U.S.A. or stars, then spray paint red, white, and blue.  Drill a hole in the bottom of the can large enough for a bulb (whichever bulb size you choose), and secure with liquid silicone adhesive.  This would provide great patriotism and décor at the same time.


With the new lanterns we’re introducing this year, you can create a lighting extravaganza for your Labor Day parties without near as much work as the last idea!!  Using a commercial grade string light with retrofit (either C7, C9, or G50) bulbs, alternate blue bulb, white bulb (with a white lantern), then white bulb (with a red lantern).  You could also simply alternate red, white, and blue bulbs, but lanterns just scream ‘PARTY’, don’t you think?  Hang these strings all around the deck to add additional décor to your party and provide ample lighting well into the evening; because no one wants summer to end! 

How have you utilized our products in the past to decorate for you Labor Day gatherings?  Our customers love feedback from other customers!!  It’s not about being original; it’s all about helping each other!!  Shoot us an email at [email protected].


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