LED Light Curtain with 150 Warm White Lights

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  • Warm White
  • 150 Points of Light
  • 6' Wide x 5' Long
  • 4" spacing between drops
  • 6" spacing between bulbs
  • 12" lead
Part Number: WL-CUR150WW-LED-W
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Shimmering lights high above, and stretching 6' wide with 15 drops that hang 5' down. Each drop has 10 points of light. The LED Curtain Light set is the perfect accent to windows, decks, or any type of overhang. This set is sure to give the feel of professionals decorating any location Using substantially less power than the traditional incandescent set, connect up to 210 watts. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set is rated at 10.65 watts..

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