Independence Day is just around the corner, and if you’re hosting the party, we want to make sure you don’t have to look far for some fantastic, festive centerpiece ideas!  We found ideas that would be great with or without adding string lights , but if your party is outside and sure to run into the night, the centerpieces can double as lighting for longer hours of entertainment.

This first project can be used as a centerpiece down the center of your table (like a table runner) or you can string it like garland around the party.  Pick up a string of lights in your choice of color, but since this is all about the 4th of July, might we suggest red, white, or blue.  Next is going to be plastic table cloths.  Your local dollar store would be the perfect place to find these!  For our project, you’ll need red, white, and blue, but you could use this idea for any occasion or theme and choose different colors.  Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut the table cloths in 2” strips, then in sections approximately 8-10” long.  It might be easier to cut the length first if you’re using scissors.  Now simply tie your strips along the length of the cord of lights.  The outcome is going to be fun and festive!  If you’d rather no lights, simply replace the string of lights with some twine or yarn.

For the next project, you will need some flag paper!  Scrapbook paper should work well and is easy to find at your local craft store.  If you want to include kids on this project, print these flags and have the kids color them!  Once you’ve chosen your flags, cut them in strips approximately 6” long and 2” wide.  Then simply create a chain using your strips.  You can intertwine your string lights the length of the chains if you want the light!  These can also be used as centerpieces or as garland around the party.

The next centerpiece would be beautiful as such, or could be used as décor throughout the house.  There are multiple variations of this project as well, depending on your preferences.  First, you’re going to need to choose the filler.  Beans, marbles, rock, etc. would work well.  If your choosing beans or rock or something similar, your first step will be to spray paint some of them.  You’re going to need red, white, and blue.  These could also be used any other time of year and painted to your décor or theme.  Next, layer the filler, alternating colors.  If you’d like to light this one, layer the lights in at this time as well so your light is evenly distributed throughout the container.  Add a flag or flowers (or both) to bring some depth to the piece.  This can stand alone or can be used in conjunction with other décor pieces as illustrated below.

How do you decorate for your Independence Day gatherings?  Have you created something using our products to enhance your holidays?  We would love to hear from you.  Send us an email at [email protected].

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