When most hear the word icicles, the visions that come to mind are the water formations that hang from the roofs of buildings in winter.  To others, just the mention of the word conjures up nightmares of the inexpensive foil tinsel icicles folks used to decorate their Christmas trees.  You know the ones, they sparkled when the lights bounced off them, and they were so pretty, but even the vacuum cleaner couldn't get them off the floor.  We would like to put new visions in your head when you hear the word icicles. 

Our icicle lights (available in LED or incandescent in a wide variety of bulb and wire colors) also bounce with light, and make your house shine bright.


Also available are our LED ice tubes.  Just as beautiful as our icicle lights, these give the illusion of falling snow or melting ice, making them the perfect addition for warmer climate areas that may not get to experience actual icicles during the winter months.

We also have beautiful options for indoors.  Add a touch of shimmer and sparkle to any area with one of our fantastic new icicle ornaments.  Available in 24”, 36” or 48” options, these would be the perfect addition hanging in any office, retail space, or even the ceiling in your home. 

Of course our original icicle ornament, available with gold, red, or silver tips, are a beautiful option for retail spaces and offices, or as ornaments on larger Christmas trees.  These are available in 12” or 17” and offer a classic look; the perfect addition for your winter décor.

Find out more about our icicle products by visiting our online store.  Have other ideas for using our icicles, or any of our other products?  Shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can share those with our other customers. 

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