Icicle lights remain one of the most popular lighting styles.  They capture the same elegance and beauty as traditional Christmas lights do, yet at the same time possess a special icicle look that really sets the mood for any holiday or winter display. 

     Icicle lights are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use.  They come in varying lengths with different options of vertical drop sizes available.  They also come in both an incandescent variety and an LED one.  The incandescent icicles have traditional mini lights bulbs on them whereas LEDs typically have the M5 mini-ice light style on them. They also come in many different colors now.  There are even some special styles available such as snowflake icicle lights, which have special snowflake shaped caps covering them.  With so many different styles and colors available, it is impossible not to find one that will work for whatever type of scheme you are looking to create.

     Inside your home, icicle lights can be hung along the walls, over banisters or railings, and in windows.  Outside your home, they can be hung from gutters and awnings, in bushes, and around your fences.  They can also be used all year round as a way of keeping the area lit at night during special events such as parties and bbqs.  Once you know what you want to do with them, you just need to pick a wire color.  White wire is by far the most common, but there are many applications where green wire works best.

     To check out all of the icicle lights available, simply log on to www.allthingschristmasandmore.com and type in the term “icicle lights” in the search box.  Or, if you have any questions at all about icicle lights or holiday lighting in general, send an e-mail to [email protected].  Someone will be happy to get back to you with all the information you need.

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