Christmas gifts have become so commercialized; we thought we would accumulate some wonderful ideas for a DIY gift exchange this year.

Homemade gifts not only save you money, you can turn the projects into family events and include everyone.  Let your loved ones know that a gift from you is truly a gift from the heart!

First up is homemade Paula Deene House Seasoning. 


·                     1 cup of kosher salt

·                                             ¼ cup garlic powder

·                                             ¼ cup black pepper


1.                                           Just mix all these items together and sprinkle on whatever you want!

This is sure to be a hit in any kitchen.  Mix this up and place in a nice Mason jar or glass shaker, tie a ribbon around it, and make sure to include extra in a separate container.  Your favorite cook is sure to love this gift all year!

A great gift for all those important people you might overlook (mailman, doorman, barista, yoga instructor) is a grown-up hot chocolate mix.

In a Mason jar, Add 2oz Bailey's Irish Cream to 6oz of prepared hot chocolate, sprinkle marshmallows on top.  Wrap with a ribbon, and gift to those who work hard to make sure your daily lives run smoothly.

A great idea for your close friends: make sure the ones they love are everywhere around the house with homemade coasters.  Here’s how:


What You’ll Need:

-4-inch round, flat cork pieces

-Modge Podge glue

-Card stock paper

-Picture print-outs (swipe them from their social media pages)

-Foam or felt mounting dots

How To Make Them:

1. Using the cork piece, trace a circle onto the card stock and the picture print to make sure the size of the materials match.

2. Spread a thin layer of the Modge Podge onto the cork, then place the card stock on top.

3. Do the same with your Instagram shot, and seal with another thin layer of the glue.

4. Stick four mounting dots on the back.


For all the special ladies in your life (wife, mother, grandmother, daughter), a gift that pampers is surely the way to her heart!  Here’s a great recipe for peppermint sugar scrub to keep her skin as soft as her heart!


What you’ll need:

A great jar to package in (mason jar, used drink bottle, etc)

2 cups white granulated sugar

¼ cup almond or coconut oil

A few drops of peppermint (or any fragrance you like) essential oil

Food coloring (or juice) to color if you wish


What to do:

Simply mix all ingredients together and pack tight into container.  You could mix two different colors and layer into the container to make it more visually appealing.


Homemade gifts for Christmas this year can bring back the focus of the holidays to family and love and help eliminate some of the commercial aspects. 


Do you make homemade gifts for Christmas or birthdays?  We’d love to hear your ideas and share them with our other readers!  Send us an email at [email protected].

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