I know many of us love decorating and putting a big beautiful wreath on our front door to celebrate Christmas. Now as the times have changed, many people put wreaths on their front doors for all the holidays and even for sports!   I personally love walking up to the front door and seeing these beautiful creations it just puts a smile on my face. When ordering there are so many different options to choose from. You can order a plan garland wreath and then you can add anything you want to it to decorate it for the season or occation of choice; or you can order wreaths that are full of color and beauty.  Some wreaths can uses for multiple holidays. While others are made of  Ornaments that can be then used for year round use.

   Great for adding your own touch
So cute for Easter
 Perfect for Valintines Day
 Great for adding your own touch

  Great for Easter
As you can see there are many options for different holidays. You can use the white wreaths for New Years and decorate with Black and Gold ornmaments, red for Valentines Day, pink and pastel colors for Easter. Also once you get the perfect wreath you want, you can always add your own personal touch by adding elves, candy canes, even your child's favorite cartoon figures or sports team!  The possiblities are endless with different themes and Ornament colletions as well as Lights that can be added to any wreath. My friends and I love all the different wreath options you can get at ALLTHINGSCHRISTMASANDMORE.COM. We love how cheerful and beautiful these wreaths are and they add that pop of cheer that everyone need to see all year!!

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