Our HoliSpheres may look simple to the untrained eye, but once you add some imagination, they can be absolutely stunning décor for nearly any setting. The black and green spheres would be perfect for wrapping in mini lights to adorn your outdoor décor for any time of year. The black and green HoliSpheres disappear at night, so all that can be seen is the lights you use. The white or gold HoliSpheres would be perfect decorated with tulle or ribbon for weddings or anniversary parties. You could even add a touch of elegance by adding mini lights. They can be used indoors or outdoors, so wherever your special day is, the HoliSpheres can accommodate. Repurpose last year’s garland and this Spring’s flower pots using HoliSpheres. Simply wrap the sphere in garland, secure some ornaments, add string lights, and set on a flower pot. This would make a gorgeous décor addition to any room. Changing the spray paint on the flower pot makes the theme possibilities endless. This would be a great idea in a kid’s room instead of their own tree. This repurpose would also make a great entryway decoration or centerpiece on the dining room table. Another wonderful repurpose would be all those strings of cheap lights you have purchased over the years at the discount stores. They are more than likely already in tangled balls, so simply slide them into the HoliSpheres and wrap with mylar ribbon. The HoliSpheres are made of ASB plastic, making them good for indoor or outdoor use. The three ring (patent pending) system makes them easy to assemble; and when you’re done with them, they tear down quickly and simply and store flat. The surface holds spray paint well, so change them as often as you like. Made in USA. Of course, we are always here to answer your decorating questions.

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