We always pick up an abundance of new Christmas products in the off season.  It’s a special treat the years we can add some Halloween options, as well.  This year, we've added some new dead trees and some festive window décor to add to your Halloween displays.

The new dead trees, each standing 3’ tall, are perfect for decorating for Halloween.  Each adds a sense of spooky drama the other cannot.  WL-DTR-03-BR-LWW has brown branches and warm white lights, WL-DTR-03-BK-LOR has black branches and orange lights, and WL-DTR-03-BK-LPU has black branches and purple lights.  Each tree contains 60 points of light and is sure to spook those Halloween guests.  Use to add charisma to your Halloween party or spook the neighbor kids this Halloween.

We’re also adding a line of window décor for your Halloween needs.  Five different displays, each 18” tall with 35 points of LED light are sure to frighten inside or out.  The ghost (LED-35LGHOST-18) is lit with cool white, purple, and green lights.  The pumpkin (LED-35LPKN-18) is lit with amber and green.  The spider web (LED-35LSP-18) is lit with green, purple, and cool white lights.  The cat (LED-35LCAT-18) is lit with green and purple lights.  The bat (LED-35LBAT-18) is lit with green, purple, and blue lights.  Any of these is sure to spook the neighbor kids when it shines from your window or the side of your house.

Combine some of the new displays with one or two dead trees to create a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween display this year.  To really create a Halloween display sure to scare, mix some of the new products with some of the old.  Throw in some spider webs (cotton) from the neighborhood craft store, and your house will be a winner this Halloween!

We love to share pictures of your creations with other customers!  Have you created a fantastic Halloween display in the past?  Would you let us share your pictures?  Send them to [email protected].

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