Imagine signing up for a mobile blood draw, and when you get there, find a thirty-foot blood drop glowing in red LED lights! I have never actually seen a thirty-foot blood drop display, but it would definitely get your attention and stick in your memory. We would like to create the same lasting memory for your patrons, or non-profit advocates with a ground mount display designed just for you! A ground mount display is basically a piece of powder coated steele, shaped in (your) specific design, covered in lights, that you mount into the ground. Sounds pretty simple, and it really is that simple; but we are here to make sure yours stands out so that people will remember you and what you do. We have several stock ground mounts; from four-foot candy canes to forty-foot Christmas trees. Unfortunately, people’s imaginations tend to stop at what they can see. Focus for a minute on what you can’t see with your physical eyes, and imagine your company name or not-for-profit organization logo in lights! Maybe you host several outdoor fundraisers annually. What better way to attract participants than a huge ground mount display? If you were hosting a fundraiser for childhood cancer awareness, we could create a twenty-foot gold ribbon to place at your chosen venue. If you were hosting an event to support breast cancer awareness, we could create any size pink ribbon ground mount you would like. Perhaps you would like to make your summer camp more memorable to your patrons. We can create a lighted ground mount display using your logo, name, mascot, or nearly anything as the foundation. Simply send us a picture of whatever you would like ‘in lights’, and we’ll create a perfect ground mount display for you, in whatever size you choose. Need help with some ideas? Send us an email with some details about your event or company, and we will help you come up with the perfect fit for you.

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