Green SPT-2 250' Zipcord

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  • Male & Female Plugs
  • sold Separately
  • 250' Spool
  • 18 Gauge Green Wire
  • Indoor/Outdoor
Part Number: ZIPCORD-250-18G-2
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Decorate like a professional this holiday season. Cut this Green 18 gauge wire to any length. Easily attach plugs and sockets and you can decorate from small areas to large areas. Two conductor green cord with a rib one conductor for polarity indicator. Additional specifications: 18 AWG SPT-1 Stranding: 41 strands/ 34 gauge Insulation Thickness: 0.030 Working Voltage: 300V AC Temperature Range: 105 degrees C Size: Nominal O.D.: 0.104 x 0.210

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