We are gearing up for another fabulous season of Gift of Lights.  Once again, we will have locations all around the country; New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway to name a few.  Dates are being set, displays are being refurbished and some new ones built, and travel plans are being finalized for the setup schedule.

What we want to know from our fans is what you want to see!!  Is there something you’ve seen in previous years that you haven’t seen recently?  Did you see pictures of a display at another park that you would like to see at a GOL near you?  Our goal every year is to make the drive-thru display an enjoyable one for all of our patrons, so we would love to accommodate some of your requests.

We will also run social media contests this year for free passes; some of which may involve your picture taking participation (hint, hint), so make sure you have your cameras and smart phones ready when you go to the show.  Go early and often so you don’t miss an opportunity at earning a free admission later in the season.

We put in a great amount of work each year to make each site run beautifully and efficiently.  As you are all aware, sometimes problems occur that are beyond our control, and we thank you for your patience when situations do arise.  Our greatest rewards come from the pictures we receive every year of your children’s (and some of your) faces when they see the finished projects.  As long as you continue to enjoy the show, we will continue to strive for bigger, better, brighter displays and animation.  Thank you for all your patronage, and we cannot wait to see what the 2013 season has in store!

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